Joining Forces

Why are we so quick to jump and judge others along with ourselves?

We are quick to jump and attack a person without knowing them. Just like and animal leaps onto its prey and goes for the kill.


Our earth energy is at the lowest it has ever been its decades. Do you know your neighbors? We used to be about community. We traded a real community for a virtual online one. Opinions are attacked and scrutinized with a careless key stroke. We only see what we want to see. Tunnel vision. We feel as we have the right to control someone else’s life, when we are barely managing our own. I honor those who are stopping to help someone stranded on the side of the road.  I also honor someone who has an opinion, a voice, a story, or a belief. Let’s hear it all and share. It’s all good.  Let’s just not attack one another, find a kinder way.


Our energy reflects our own thoughts. Negative thoughts about yourself or others will lower your vibration, since you are on earth, your energy contributes to the earth’s energy.


Natural disasters are very rampant right now. You turn on the news channel and they are always happening. It is tragic, yet there is an upside. It actually brings many of us together. We see acts of unselfishness as people pull together in supportive ways. It is a time of non-judgment.  It does not matter about age, race, gender; we do what we can to help. We start to see our humanness and our sameness. We see a hurt soul or a soul in need. We drop the labels and judgements because we are now looking with eyes from our hearts.  In this world, where everything appears synchronized and organized you have to wonder what the purpose is for all these disasters.  There is a higher meaning for everything if you look deep enough.


New people are going to be coming down to earth very soon. Their job is to lift and raise the earth vibration. Some of us are already here. There is an entirely different generation of healers coming. The abilities are going to be extraordinary, some people who are on this earth are reports. They report what is happening and going on around the world. Same with the other side, we have people on earth who report back to them.


We have the power within ourselves to save our planet. To save lives and homes. Not only this but save yourself from low energy. We all deserve to be happy and live a positive life. A life of self-peace and inner love for self and others. You get what you put out into the world. God hears you, spirit read your mind. Project selfless thoughts, be kind, fill yourself with love. No act or thought goes unnoticed.