I get asked quite frequently where I get my knowledge from, and how I learnt all that I know.

When I was first starting out, I wanted to find help. Having the gift of seeing and talking to spirit is very different. I wanted to speak with someone and learn how to control spirit. I also wanted to learn more about my gift and the other side.

I found someone who also had the gift of seeing spirit. This person introduced me to a group of people like myself. The group did not accept me because of my age. They believed I was too young, and not mature. They believed I was not worthy of my gift. They fed my thoughts with lies and fear.

This worked out in my favor. I took things into my own hands. I learnt how to connect through trial and error. I met my guide, who has taught me everything I know today. I never read any books, never did research. All my learning has come straight from the source above. My guide taught me how to become the boss with spirit, how to get them to go in order and not all speak at once, he showed me the gate keeper who controls spirit. The gate keeper is the boundary between me and the other side. My guide has become my best friend. He is always with me guiding me, helping with clients, protecting me from others, and clearing energy where ever I go. I think of my guide like an older brother. Protecting and guiding me.

I would have never had the chance to grow and connect with the other side, to connect with my guide, to find my true self.  Life has a funny way of working in our favor. I know the saying everything happens for a reason gets over used. If you look closely enough, you will be able to see the truth behind it. You can see how connected we all are to each other, and the other side.