Battle of the mind

I like to believe everything in life is about timing. Depending on the time of day, it is either dark or light outside. Just like in life on an energy level we will come across light and dark.

We all may experience dark energy at one point in our lives. Some may call it depression, the feeling that you are crazy due to your thoughts or feelings. Your natural instincts are so powerful and true. Your instincts will never steer you wrong unless you second guess yourself.

It is true that our minds are in fact controlled and consumed by spirit. They are always around us influencing our everyday lives. If you find yourself thinking thoughts that may not feel like your own, they in fact are not your own. If you choose to focus on everything that is wrong in your life. Your human soul energy will lower. At this lower state vibration, you may receive something called a psychic attack.

This is when a spirit at a lower vibration comes into your space and will do what it can to play with your mind. Causing you to think of a situation where you were upset or got in an argument as far back as months or even a year ago. Sometimes it can be small things such as money and lack of it. Anything that bothers you or stresses you out they will say to you and put those feelings in your head.

You and only you have the power to control and make it stop. Focusing on higher emotions or moments in your life where you felt joy, love, happiness. You have to be the one to re direct your thinking. It is a mind game within us. A battle for our mental health. You have the power to achieve anything, you have the power to change your focus and change your life.