How My Gift Works

How My Gift Works

I get information from spirit in a combination of ways.  It is almost like an art. I call myself a LIGHTWORKER.

I see things, clairvoyant.  I see spirit in full form with detail, very much like any other human being.  I see life movie clips, I see symbols, colors, pictures, dates, numbers (license plates and addresses), and even charts of human anatomy.

I hear things, clairaudient.  I can communicate telepathically with spirit and animals.  I will hear songs that have a significant meaning to people.  I will hear all kinds of things that are often symbolic in some way such as a bell, a dog barking, or the sound of the ocean.  I have full conversations and sometimes just a few words.  I also hear different languages and that is always interesting because I have to tell them I don’t speak German, sorry!

I feel things, clairsentient.  Sometimes I am literally taken through a life event, so I can fully understand what you went through or a passed loved one went through.  Sometimes I feel strong emotions tied to various life events or circumstances.  It can be quite overwhelming but also extremely powerful to have that depth of understanding.  This allows me to help you move through blockages and see a clear picture of why you are running certain programs and come up with solutions.  So much healing and freedom takes place when you can see the bigger picture of how your life fits together.

I just know things, claircognizant.  Sometimes nothing is required to show me, tell me or feel.  Sometimes I just have a strong knowing.  At first I was hesitant to share this one.  But over time I learned the information was correct and all I have to do is show up with trust.

All this information comes at me very fast.  I have to raise my vibration to take it all in.  I have a ritual of meditating before every session, so I am in the best state possible to receive. Now with that being said you can imagine that messages and information can sometimes be difficult to make out.  Especially, because what is coming through is about you and coming from people that you know.  It may not make any sense to me but make sense to you.  They are trying to bring up validations that will resonate with you. Often clients make a lot of distinctions after a session is over.  Those, “I am not sure” moments all come together.  Often someone will want so hard for a certain spirit to come through that they will try to conform the information coming in to that person but realize later it was a different family member.  So much clarity comes after a reading I get so many messages from my clients afterward explaining their “ah-ha” moments. Whatever information that comes to me I share with you because I know it has importance.  Not matter how crazy or silly it is.  Past live information is always an interesting one, especially when it ties to this life.

I also want to make note that the person you really want to connect with may not come through and there could be various reasons for that.  There is a lot happening on the other side, it is a very interesting place with much to entertain.  They are at peace and those answers you want about the chaos of the will may not be a high agenda for spirit on the other side. I respect that, I never force anything, I don’t work like that and you shouldn’t work with anyone who does either. Never take it personally and don’t be disappointed.  Don’t come up with a disempowering meaning because of it. We all have to trust that what comes through is for everyone’s highest good.  I have a great-Grandpa that pops in from time to time and nods his head once I see him and then disappears. He never says a word.  He just wants us to know he is around but doesn’t want to interfere or communicate.  Then I have a great-Grandma who is always communicating.  Telling me I need to eat more and fatten up, filling the room with the smell of cinnamon buns, leaving dimes all over, or commenting on my day.  I have a friend who always rides with me in my vehicle and he comments on my music choice, he hates country and wants rap. He chomps on chips, licking his fingers and bobs his head to the beat.  Some spirits are very elaborate and chatty, sometimes even bossy in nature and some are shy and quiet. Their personalities come through and it always brings a smile to our face as we remember.

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