How To Be Supportive

How To Be Supportive

Mental health, such a strong word with so many different meanings and attachments.

When someone is struggling with mental health, it is a HUGE first step to open up.  Please don’t treat this person differently. The person who has mental health is already feeling as the ground is falling beneath them.

When it comes to supporting someone with mental health, be there for that person, don’t give up. Reach out to hangout, never stop loving them, be the listening ear that they may need, respect their boundaries don’t push them to talk.

Everyone deals with emotions differently.  Put your strong feelings into an outlet. Example: art, music, writing, running, yoga, colouring, sitting in science and feeling your emotions, listening to music, working out. Don’t look at your mental health as a bad thing. Find the positive things. What does your mental health allow you to do ? Maybe you feel deeper then a normal person. This allows you to connect with others. Maybe you  re-arrange things and must have a spot for everything. This allows you to be clean and organized. Maybe your painc attacks allow you to become present, breathe and take a present pause to de-stress. Maybe your mental health experience allowed you to become stronger, and you can help others. What ever it may be, Thank your brain and body for the experiences.

You are special and different. What you are experiencing right now, is temporary. The feelings, emotions, memories will fade away and become less intense. Take it one day at a time.

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