The calling

The calling

Ever since I was a small child, I felt this strong compelling feeling. I had a strong knowing that I was going to change the world. I would walk up and down the hallway of my house telling my dog, “One day I will be famous”. Strange thing for a 6-year-old to say, especially when I really didn’t have a reference to what that even meant.

I had encounters with people who told me my soul was very old. I have always felt that I was older than I actually am. When it came to social gatherings, I would always be around the adults. I was never good with words or expressing myself. I would rather write or create a mood board with images to express how I was feelings. Apparently, my happy place was on my grandparents farm wearing my rubber boots and a diaper; hanging out with cows, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. I have always felt such a strong connection with animals. A sense of safety, peace and comfort. It was easier for me to understand animals than people.

I started helping animals when I was 10 years old. It stemmed from an overwhelming emotion that I needed to help animals in shelters after seeing a commercial on television. I ran up to my mom and told her I need to help save them. After a few days of brainstorming I decided to start my own business. I would babysit dogs and eventually train them after finding a mentor to teach me everything about them. I did baking and walked around my neighbourhood selling cookies to raise money. I dumped all my savings on the counter at the animal shelter and I felt quite happy about that achievement. This was the start of my journey to help make an impact on this planet. Even though it was a small dent, it sparked a thirst.

Later in life I discovered my gift. Which was seeing people who have passed over, seeing spirit guides (a teacher who teaches us the ways of life). I see animals on the other side. I am able to tap into a different energy realm in order to help others heal and have clarity. I have had a lot of crazy life experiences so far and I am pretty sure this is just the beginning. I found out that most people come to earth and have 3 lessons to learn. The different lessons that we will learn are: Patterns, choices, cycles, processes, flexibility, and spirit. Perhaps, I am an overachiever this time around because I have all 6 to learn. Explains why I hits some curve balls and interesting experiences. I found out that my purpose on earth is to be of service and to teach others. I have big shoes to fill but the passion in my heart and body is thriving. I am determined to make a positive change, impact, inspire and empower lives.  Having this gift allows me to understand patterns and people better, it also allows me to literally feel physically and emotionally what they are feeling and where it stems from. With the help of my spirit guides I am guided on ways to heal and help them.

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