Accepting your power

Accepting your power

Stepping into the person you are destined to be, no matter the fear.


We all are on this earth for a purpose. I have always felt compelled from a very young age to make a difference. I always felt as though I would change the world and impact people’s life.


I remember being in middle school and thinking to myself how I felt different. I never felt normal. These past couple of months I have been focusing on myself. Accepting who I am and learning to have self-love. My past, patterns, and habits have always seemed to follow me around.


I looked inside myself and changed a lot of things. I created new habits, set new goals, changed up my routine. I accepted that it is okay to be different.

When I discovered my gift, things took off. I had no time to feel or accept how I was feeling, I pushed my emotions aside in order to help others.


I have stepped into my power. Come to terms that my life is seeing, hearing and knowing valuable information in which is meant to be shared. I am here on this earth to impact others, to create healing, and to spread love and light. To be someone’s light in the darkness.


I realized that yes it may be hard to find real friends. But it is not impossible; nothing is. I was so stuck on finding friends and looking for acceptance when the only person I needed acceptance from was myself.


I am so ready to create and share my knowledge. To reach out and leave an impact. To help heal as many people as I can. To be happy and laugh with others, to meet new people.


Yeah life can be hard at times but that is life. I am learning and growing every day. I am no longer letting fear control me. I am my own person. We can all achieve greatness and happiness.

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