Angel guidance

Angel guidance

Angel guidance is all around us. Everything that we do is guided. The other day I was guided to an eye opening experience.

Crazy to think how the smallest decisions such as getting fast food or sitting down at a restaurant can alter ones life. Whether it be our own or someone else’s.

I was going to grab dinner at a restaurant when my boyfriend suggested we grab fast food instead. I didn’t question it I just turned around. Once we grabbed our food we drove to our destination.

Once we arrived someone was overdosing. My boyfriend instantly called 9-1-1. This persons soul was already hovering above their body. They had minutes if not seconds left.

My friend who passed away from over dosing appeared in this moment. He spoke to me and told me to find an address, then told me to run outside for help.

He began to stand beside me, telling me everything is going to be okay and he will make it. I was trying my best to hold everything together but seeing my best friend and seeing ones soul leave their body was a lot to handle. My friend told me to breathe and hold it together help is almost here.

Help arrived and the person got taken to the Hosptial. I broke down shortly after. Thinking how if my boyfriend and I would have gone to a restaurant, this person would have passed away.

This opened my eyes to become more aware of the decisions I make. How everything we think, say and do has a serious action.

Seeing my friend brought up a lot of emotions, I was re living his passing. I was filled with anger that there was no one to show up and save him when he needed someone.

I was angry that my friend didn’t get to live.

It got me thinking that if he was alive, I would have never gotten the chance to Save a life. Since I was guided to be there when I was.

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