Children and babies

Children and babies

We are entitled to our own opinion. I am here to speak for all the little voices who did not make it to this earth.

No matter how old a new born child may be, they still have a soul. Even as early as 3 weeks old. I have experienced and had the blessed opportunity to speak with the children who did not get a chance to come to earth. Their souls still live on, when we decided not to have a child, or our pregnancy does not get fulfilled. The child soul will stay with you, he or she will become a part of your team that watches over you. When it is your turn to pass over, you will meet her or him.

Keep this in mind when you are coming to a decision about having a child. Their lives matter, they are just as important as you and me. They have purpose just like you. The soul of a child is pure and filled with joy. A lot of the times the child is not meant to make the full journey to earth. We may lose a child at birth or before. Do not blame yourself for they are more helpful to you on the other side. Your baby is with you every day helping you.

A message from all the children. “We are here to love, to give, to teach you to open your mind, to free your soul, and to be playful”

Do not blame yourself for the loss of a child. Know everything has happened as it should. Believe in you higher self and higher purpose. Everything happens for your benefit. The other side is a loving, forgiving place. Everyone on the other side is forgiving. The children forgive you, now it is your time to forgive yourself. Let go, embrace your soul.

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