Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

I experienced a really big energy clean out. Sometimes you think you are over an event that happened in your life, but it is not until a random moment where something triggers your nervous system, when you realize you haven’t fully dealt with it.


I Struggled with PTSD in my past, this is something I wish none of us have to experience, but unfortunately some of us do. PTSD is like living in your own nightmare over and over, It can be really hard to escape the emotion and event. Reality becomes so far out of touch, and you don’t sleep because your brain is caught up in a vicious cycle.


I was driving one day and listening to music, a verse of the song triggered me. I was back in my own nightmare, re-living and experiencing past events; I had trouble sleeping, I was emotional, it all felt too real. I was a younger version of myself, feeling all of the emotions as I once did; anger, hate, lost, but mainly so much anger. I was seeing life as I viewed it back then. Experiencing what others said to me. I had a good cry, and life was allowing me to reflect. I was able to let go of any attachment to that younger version of myself. You don’t have to resist it, just fully feel it, experience it and then move on.  The challenge is not to get caught up in that pattern and live there.  Growth is not a straight line. There are elevations and dips. Sometimes you are fully experiencing it, and sometimes you are observing it, sometimes you are able to transform it, eventually it becomes more and more distant.


We all struggle with many different things. We are all on our own life journey. Life is full of so many lessons. Once we move past fear, we become more connected with our higher self. Our true self and true calling. Fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real.”  The opposite of fear is faith, with faith and trust anything is possible.


I used to be so afraid of judgment from other people. I allowed this fear to take control. My guides said I have now moved past another level of fear. No matter who you are or what you do, some people will always judge you for it. I have stepped into a new sense of awareness, allowing passion, heart and desireto lead me. Following my passion and making my dreams happen, no matter how big and crazy, and meeting the right people who build me up and become a part of the bigger plan. That is what happens; life will guide you in the right direction. When your vibration changes, you start thinking higher, feeling emotions like faith, love, passion, compassion, and behaving differently; you open space to meet the right liked minded people. I have a new sense of focus and I’m ready to spread my light and share with the world.


With faith and believing in myself new opportunities are opening up. This month has already been huge! Anything is possible. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports me along my journey. Your encouragement means the world to me. Those that haven’t, I thank you too because you were part of the plan and the learning.

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