Life is always eventful. At times, I think “Geez, my life could be a reality show!” Everyday there is something. This morning I was taking my dog for a walk past a film crew and 5 minutes later I am asked to be in the movie. Sure why not! Last night my boyfriend somehow got a skewer stick lodged deep into his foot.  I tried to be compassionate, or well umm.. I was compassionate with a side of humor because how does that even happen! I past a jeep on fire, the driver was okay just pretty rattled. Called 9-11 and participated in rescuing someone who had over dosed.  Last month at Disneyland my sister was assaulted by a man who was groping her and he wouldn’t let her pass him in the line to catch up with us. I had to passionately (with some vocal expression) release his grip on her. Security was going to just let him get away with it, but my psychic skills picked up he had a criminal record. The police got involved and sure enough he did and he was banned from the park. Just absolutely bizarre! I mean this is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. Of course, nothing compares to back in the day when I first started fully seeing, knowing, hearing, experiencing, and kinda freaking out because I was communicating with  uhhh.. dead people and angels.  You can only imagine those days!


I have realized that life is teaching me to step outside my comfort zone. I tend to suffer from bad social anxiety. I have days where I don’t leave my room. I am learning to push my anxiety aside to help other people. Step out of that uncomfortable state and use my voice. Not only trusting myself but my guides.


Life really is coming full circle. In school when I got bullied, I never spoke up for myself or told anyone. I kept everything bottle up inside me. Now I am using my voice to help others who may not be able to speak for themselves. I am getting put into situations where people need another voice, they need help getting assistance.


Take a look into your life. Maybe you seem to get deja vu or you can’t seem to find a job or relationship. Don’t think ugh why is this happening to me. Look inward and ask yourself what can I learn? What am I not seeing? How can I grow from this?

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