Everything has energy

Everything has energy

We see ourselves as matter in solid form but actually we are energy. Even our thoughts and words have an energetic life force. We need to be mindful of our self-talk as well as what we think and say about others.

Energy can be calibrated and measured.  See David Hawkins research.  Emotions, statements, homes, families, countries, people, scriptures, plants, food, ideas, etc all have an energetic  scoring.  We have to understand our role in creating our own energy blueprint.  Our words can weaken or they can strengthen.

We are on a unique soul path. You never know what others are dealing with in their personal life or at home. We don’t know what they came here to work through (karma), overcome or experience in order to reach their soul goal. Let’s be more compassionate.  There is so much anger in the world today with right/wrong thinking.  Don’t get consumed with media perceptions. Don’t look at the world through your fears, but look at the world through your faith. We strengthen ourselves when we wish others well and send them good thoughts and intentions.  Don’t hold back your love or only give it under conditions. Love is not a weapon.  It is very powerful to visualize sending peace, love and kindness to all Earth creations. If we all did that, the world would be different than it is today.

When we leave the present Earth, and go to another dimension, we go through a process called soul cycle or soul lessons. This is a time where we reflect on our life. We see all the things we accomplished, all the lessons we learned. We also see how we behaved towards others. This is an important piece. Our words and actions towards others we feel in reverse. We feel it with intensity, strength, and YES compassion.

This is why it is so important to be mindful of how we act, feel and speak to others and even ourselves. Before you send that email or text, ask is this coming from kindness.  Ask if you can approach it in a better way.  Ask to release the negativity around it and let the love in first.  Ask to see it with fresh eyes.  Is there something you may have missed or not noticed that could shift it to gratitude or deeper understanding?

We give off energy which other people can read or feel.

Remember to be kind to yourself and others.

Stay Joyful

Stay hopeful

Stay peaceful

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