Fear of Dying

Fear of Dying

Fear is an allusion that we create within ourselves.  This is even true with death.  Most avoid talking about it, or even thinking about it because it produces anxiety. It is our human conditioning.

Fear of death or dying. What will happen to me? How will I feel? Will it be painful? How will I leave?

If you are a fearful of death you may ask how can I move past it? How can I get over this fear?

Firstly, the meaning you have around death.  Obviously, no one can escape it; we are all going to die at some point.  However, we don’t really die.  Our bodies (vessel) do, but our souls live on. Our souls go home. So dying isn’t an end, it is a new beginning.

Secondly, some people fear how they die or the pain associated to it.  The truth is pain is not permanent or forever.  You are enveloped in love on the other side.  It is nothing like you have ever experienced here on Earth.  The mind becomes quiet, no judging, fear or analyzing just pure serenity.

Thirdly, you will not transition alone.  You will be met by familiar souls. They will offer immediate comfort and peace.  They may be loved ones that have past from this life or from past lives but you will remember them as your souls connect.  You will also be reunited and greeted by your pets.

Instead of looking at death as a bad thing look at it as a wonderful part of life because it is. You have completed you journey here and it is time to go home. You can look in each other’s eyes and hold hands and say, “I’ll see you soon.”

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