It seems to be a challenging one for many of us.  We need to forgive ourselves as well as others.


Forgive.  It is an action. We can transform and move through our pain. Not releasing it takes on an ugly energy that doesn’t serve you. Expect Humankind to make mistakes. Some of our greatest growth comes from making mistakes and learning from them.    Accept and appreciate where people are at in their soul growth.  Trust that everyone’s highest good is at work, even when it doesn’t look the way you think it should. Let go of the rules you have about how you think people should act, behave or be.  Don’t take things personally. If circumstances show up in your life that require forgiving, it is because this is one of your lessons. When we GIVE our forgiveness, we GET so much more in return. Soul freedom.


Every resentment or anger is about the past.  Every negative feeling you have is in the past. It has already happened, it is over.  All suffering happens when our focus and energy is on the past. Therefore, stay in the present and leave the past in the past.


Sometimes it helps to see people in their innocence.  See them as the child they once were.  We all find it easier to forgive children, because we expect them to make mistakes and we don’t judge them for it yet.


The best way I find to forgive is to sit in a quiet space. Take some deep breaths in and out. Now place your hands over your heart, think back to that moment or situation you need forgiveness over. Repeat out loud “I love you, thank you.”  Find what feels right for you.  Ask to release the negativity, ask for it to be transformed to light.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we have guides who are with us and are happy to help.  Forgiving is powerful for you and the other person.  Holding a grudge against someone is not going to do us any good on the other side.  We are here to work through these things.  The time is now.


The word “love” has a powerful vibration in the spirit world. “Thank you” vibrates high too.  You say thank you to acknowledge the gift of the lesson, you thank the gift of freedom for your soul. You thank the higher source that supports you through it. We are not alone in our struggles. Mercy and grace follows forgiveness.





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