This topic is a bit more personal than what I normally talk about. My hope is that I will be able to connect and relate to some of you.


As we all grow older and become more busy and consumed with our lives. Finding the right friends who fit in with our life can be hard. Someone who is accepting, supportive, motivated and positive. We all know someone who sucks out all of our energy. When we get off the phone with this person, or leave to head home after seeing this person. We are left feeling tired, drained of energy, or maybe sad or angry. Overall we leave feeling sorry for, or angry with that person.


We may even have encountered some fake friends. People who want to take things or use our ideas or our talents. I am thankful for these kinds of people, because of them we learn to be more aware. We learn a lesson from them. Learning lessons is what life on earth is all about. As far as the energy suckers go it is best to let them go, or narrow down the time you spend with them. It is okay to have time for yourself to take care of you. Protecting your energy comes with realising other peoples lives are not your own, you can listen but do not consume the energy. Do not take it on or put yourself in their shoes.

Ask that the energy from this person be released after each time you see or talk to them.



Finding friends has always been my struggle, not fitting in or feeling as I do not belong is normal for me. I now realize as a child why I would always feel this way. I may not belong with certain people but I know my place. I have faith in people and finding friends. I have already met  some really cool people. Having the gift I do can help. I can see if a person is real or not, I can see their personality and the traits they have from the first second I am around them.

I can understand why people may be afraid of me or unsure. I can know everything about you before you tell me. I choose my friends and the people I surround myself with very wisely.


People who are my own age are not spending their time wisely. Not thinking about what is next or focusing on building a life. My outlook and life knowledge is pretty advanced. I am a very old soul. When it comes to people my own age, I find it hard to connect and have friends.


People tend to ask me what my friends are like. I always reply with “well it depends do you want to know about my human friends or non human friends?” On the other side I have many friends, everyone is so loving and helpful. I have a large team of guides who help me everyday. I think of them as humans, to me they appear so clearly and real, almost as they are standing in the same room with me. Dogs are also my best friend, their souls are so pure and loving.


No matter if you have your dog as your best friend, one friend, many friends, or no friends. We always have friends on the other side. Everything is about timing, if you do not have friends in your life right now. The plan is for you to focus on yourself, self reflect, and focus on your life. What is the next step in your life?

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