How to connect with the other side

How to connect with the other side

A common question I get is, “how do I connect with the other side?”  My route is through meditation. 

The first thing I do is remove myself from my actual physical body. I become the observer of Shayla.  I can see her taking up physical space in the room but I have expanded much farther than the limitations of my physical being.  I then raise my energy vibration to a high frequency which allows me to connect to the higher plane. I raise my vibration through music and clearing my mind. 

It is important for me when channeling that I remove everything that makes me who I am. What I mean by this, is my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This way I am pure sprit without the constraints of matter and mind. Spirit can speak freely and clearly through me. I am still aware of everything that is happening. I can see myself, I am just not in my body. 

Depending on what the spirit wants to say or show me, I can get brought to places, they may place objects in my hands, I can smell things, other times I am feeling what it was like for them when they passed, or specific situations that have some significant meaning for them, sometimes I am shown a movie like clip or symbols and metaphors. Clearing my mind and having trust is important in order to connect with the other side and sprit. The spirit needs to trust you as well and feel comfortable when it comes to talking. I also work along side my guide and my clients spirit guide.

Mediation is a great way to allow yourself to let go of your everyday mindset. Allow any thoughts you may have to come and then let them go. Your mind does not have to be clear 100%. Sometimes the chatter or voice you hear is spirit speaking to you, through your unconscious mind. Remember to breathe and do not hold your breath. It is a process to learn how to trust and let go. Don’t get frustrated it takes practice just like everything. The more you practise the easier it becomes. Mediation is learning patience, to let go, to feel, to tune into your mind, body, soul. 

Our bodies have a natural frequency grid that we vibrate on, our own energy print. Some of us vibrate higher naturally and will find it easier to receive messages. Some of us have carried over our blueprints from past lives and are more advanced in certain areas, from our lessons and learnings. My sister for example exudes a very pure, calming and trusting energy. She is very genuine and helpful and spirit picks up on this and the fact that she has abilities too (even though she is very resistant to it) and spirit attempts to reach her to help them cross over after they have passed on Earth. 

Overall we all have the ability to tap into the other side. To see our loved ones, friends or pets. Our ego or mind will block us from thinking we can’t. Our conditioning of what we believe is right or wrong can also cloud our abilities. In earlier times we were much more connected than we are today, it was a normal. We are all one. There is no separateness, that is just an illusion and conditioning, It all comes back to trusting yourself and the other side. Let go and trust that your guides have your back and keep you safe.

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