Human Experience

Human Experience

We are souls having an human experience.  We all have a path and a purpose.


We are here on earth for a reason, that reason is to learn lessons. To have a new view and perspective on life. The earth is our school.


Our souls have had many past lives. Some past lives involve trauma.  It is possible that emotions and patterns have carried over from past lives or generations and this has created a block.  It can show up in many different ways as physical or emotional. It can show up as strange fears that don’t make logical sense. It is extremely healing to recognize the meaning behind it and free the pattern.


It can feel as if the same things keep happening to us over and over. If this is the case for you, pause and investigate. Life is knocking on your door.  Answer it and awaken to it. There is something happening to serve your highest good and urging you to grow.


Mistakes are just an opportunity to grow. Yes, it is an opportunity and don’t miss out on it. It is the most beautiful thing about being human is that we have muscle to learn and advance our souls to a higher realm.


Take the leap of faith and resolve a situation. Change your thinking to attract love, light, and positive people. Call a friend or family member and make things right. Don’t get stuck in your head, approach it from your heart.


What we do to others will come back on us. Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions.


Live your life to the fullest, look for the lesson and grow from it.  Turn the bad days into good ones. Look at the world in a new view.


Stay positive

Make the change

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