Life is short

Life is short

Honestly things have been hard for me in my life. My boyfriends dad passed away. Losing your dad at 23, when your so young is hard. There are things you need your dad for and want him to see. 

It has been challenging when it comes to my role and place in all of this. There is nothing I can say or do to make the pain stop. The racing thoughts, moments fade to memories, you replay the last words that were spoken. 

Time will only tell but as time goes on you still hurt. Emotions fly high and mental health kicks in. I’m still here whispers the voice of your dad. Your brain blocks it out in disbelief that he is gone. You become absorbed and lost in your own world. 

Learning self reflection and looking into my own life. Putting myself in your shoes even though they don’t fit. 

My realtionship with my own dad is hard. I become self aware of changes that I need to make. 

Learning that tomorrow is not promised. Anything is possible, love those who are in your life. Say the things you want to say. Tomorrow is not promised. Live your life to the fullest, treat it like it’s your last. Slow down have fun. Don’t let fear hold you back. 

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