Meet My Guides

Meet My Guides

We all have a guide or many guides, which help us throughout our day to day life. I have many guides which are specific to help me with certain task.


Agnes: She is my healer and has been with me since I was very young. She is Amish and wears a white bonnet around her head. Her job is to make sure my energy is always at the very highest. She does daily sweeps of my energy along with provides me healing when I am sick.


Mark: He is jacked to say the least, a real hard ass. His job is to push me while in the gym. He is my personal trainer on the other side. He shows me workouts, and yells at me to push me.


Jacque: My Business manger, handles all things business and speaking. Provides me with business intel. He wears glasses, is French, very tall, with a curled moustache. He appeared to me right before I finished writing my book and has been with me ever since.


Claudia: She wears a pant suit with a pony tail. She is a young adult. Her job is to provide me with little insights throughout my day, and about my future. She helps me a lot with my psychic energy.


Klause: Has been there since the begging of my journey. He is African American and wears a purple robe. His energy is very powerful and once was an ancient ruler of a temple. His job on my team is to call upon the others when I need them. He also does intention sweeps when I come in contact with others. This means he checks the intentions and vibration of others. He provides me with protection and makes sure I stick with my life time line.


Gate keepers: I have two men who guard the gates of information. Their job is to make sure that while I am open and receiving information that only one spirit speaks at a time, they control the line-up and priority of the messages.


Sylvia: She is a new addition to my team. She is like a mother figure to me. She offers me wisdom and advice when I am feeling down. She provides me with motivation to keep pushing forward. She celebrates my achievements. Anytime I need someone to talk to who understands me, I chat with her. I am super thankful for her. She appears as an older lady with a lot of hair. Very calming voice and shows me green flashes of light.

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