Meeting place

Meeting place

I woke up in the middle of the night by a spirit saying my name over and over. I looked at the clock it was 1 am. The spirit asked my permission to be shown something. I didn’t recognize the voice because it was someone’s guide who had passed recently.  He was new to the other side and needed his guide to help him until he learned the vibrations required to communicate on his own. Just like that, I astral planed out of my body and went to the other side.


While I was on the other side, I was taken to the meeting place. This is a place where all the parties happen. Literally. It is a place of celebrations, especially when a new guest arrives. By that I mean someone has passed and they are being welcomed and celebrated on their arrival here. There are tanned color bricks on the ground and a water foundation in the centre of the meeting place. Small shops border around the brick walkways. There are balloons and cake.  A man dressed in cloth does the speaking. People are always gathered here, it is a very festive place.


I was taken here to see and study the faces of the spirits and I seemed to know who they all were and how they were related. I was meant to be a part of the celebration. I jumped from the celebration to another building where I saw familiar faces again and I knew they were all visiting and baking a special cake. I was told someone was looking for me and he finally found me. He had trouble figuring out how to locate me here on earth since he passed.


When one passes over it can be hard to learn to connect with loved ones on earth. This is where our guide comes in. They teach us how to communicate along with how to come back to earth. If we are unable to communicate our guide will speak for us.


I was then taken to a care home (on the other side), where souls get tremendous amounts of love and healing energy. I was shown this specific person’s life details and their passing to better understand. I was then moved to a room with high ceilings and walls. There were purple balls with blue writing which said funon the balls. The balls were bouncing all around me and this familiar spirit was there. This was his way of letting me know he was having lots of fun and not to worry. I listened to the laughter and experienced how youthful this spirit felt.


I was unaware of the 3 hours I spent there because on the other side they have no sense of time. When I came back to earth and entered my body, I found myself sitting up in bed. I looked at the clock, it was 4am, I had the thought I should get some sleep and I simply laid down and instantly fell back asleep.

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