Mental Health

Mental Health

When you develop mental health your body’s natural energy is low. Your thoughts are low and your emotional state is low. The challenge in mental health is breaking this pattern so we can start manifesting at a higher vibration. It is very common that people who suffer from mental health will experience psychotic episodes. Some say it is their own darkness surfacing from within and that is true to some extent, but the spirit world can play a role.


I have suffered from anxiety, depression and PTSD. At night I would have an unwelcome visitor. He had blood on his face, was tall and carried a spree. He would chase me and if I was stabbed I would die. He would put negative thoughts in my head. Telling me to end my life, showing me what to do. When I would lay in bed and go to sleep, I would sense a presence and be bombarded with all the things that gave me anxiety. My mind became a dark storm mess. So what can you do? First, ask for protection from the higher angels and all things not of divine light to leave now. Going forward start working on healing and that has a lot to do with shifting from the lower mind to the higher mind.


We all tend to have those random thoughts of negative self-talk. Life is waking you up to a “lesson dealing with hate.”Everyone has a part of them that is a “JUDGE”. We judge others and ourselves. We beat ourselves up for not doing something right, not following through, failing our test, not making the team, and it goes on and on.


This is a natural human process, learning the lesson of hate and how to quiet your mind and create peace with it. “Hey I notice I am comparing my body to another body; how can I appreciate what I am noticing instead of seeing my faults against it?” Learn to look through different lenses and always ask, “Is there is a kinder way?”


As humans we are going to feel all emotions; good and not so good. That is perfectly okay. We just want to be aware of the habitual emotions we are daily experiencing. Some of them need to be updated or switched out for more empowering ones. A fun thing to do is add a new emotion you want to feel to your new week. Maybe it is playfulness. Find ways to be more playful and have fun with it. You can even model someone who really embodies that emotion. The best thing that could happen is you create a new habitual emotion.  It might feel awkward or uncomfortable at first but keep going with it; eventually it will become natural and a part of you.


Remember you are not alone, this is so important. We all experience this at some point in our life. You can overcome mental health, or uncomfortable spirit energy.

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