Mind in the stars

Mind in the stars

It has been a strange month. I stepped away from my role in communicating with spirit. I had an experienced where I was channeling, I got stuck in a dark place and saw some intense things. This experienced pushed me backwards. I allowed fear to creep in and take over. I did not feel comfortable or confident in connecting anymore.


This allowed me to become very anxious. I did not speak up when spirit wanted me too. I did not want to help anyone. I wanted to be “normal”. Truth is my normal is seeing and communicating with the dead and spirit guides of others. It was a constant struggle to fight with the energy and to push everything away. I felt anxious all the time and on edge.


I realized there will always be someone who will try to bring you down. Whether that be a human on earth or a soul from the other side. No matter what we do in life there will always be someone with a strong opinion. The question is: do you put your life on hold, quit what you’re doing, allow your passion to take a back seat, or do you keep pushing forward?


I felt very empty inside, this was because my soul was not complete. I was not pursuing my passion and desire which is channeling spirit for others. I am here to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me. Channeling is not always as cool or fun as it seems. Life can throw you a curve ball and try to knock you off your feet. Sometimes you get faced with lower energy vibration that try to mess with your life and emotional state. A lot of work goes into keeping your mind, body, and soul in shape. It Is all about balance. Balance of the energy and world. You cannot have day without night. The same thing is true with emotions, you cannot be happy all the time without experiencing what it’s like to have a bad day.


This is why it is important to never judge someone. I may seem like I have everything together, but I don’t. Truth is I fall, mess up, get stuck. It is just a part of life.


Moral of the story, I am back. Ready to help serve you and your family. Ready to serve and channel spirit. Ready for them to use my body and voice.

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