Moon Energy

Moon Energy

Every full moon that occurs creates an energy shift.

I feel that this moon has really been about change and letting go. I have felt a huge shift within myself. I know a lot of my empathic people have felt this as well.

Searching for different ways to find new energy.
Evaluating the people who surround you, letting go of people who no longer have your best interest. Saying goodbye to a job and starting a new one, selling a house, changing up your wardrobe, rearranging your home.

Ever since the full moon I have found myself becoming aware and feeling emotions on a whole new level.
I find myself thinking about how my car has feelings and energy. I see how the earth is hurting. I see past loved ones hovering over vehicles as they drive. I think about all the hurting souls and how I want to help. I become aware of the new spirit friends coming and leaving as I grow.
Becoming aware of energy and actions.

I love this quote below because it really hits home for me. Fall is approaching us, Leaves are falling and changing. Just like certain areas of our self or life may be changing.
Don’t be afraid. Trust the process. New events, new memories, new people, new energy is coming your way.

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