My Life

My Life

Every day is different but for the most part, I am always channeling information. I am always growing and learning new things.


When it comes to seeing I don’t just see past and future, I can see present as well. I can ask to be shown what a friend or family member is doing, and I will be brought to where they are. I can see things in real time as I am actually there. Spirit will also allow me to see my friends and family and let me know if they are in danger. My mom was out with her friends and I got shown a vision of her coming into a dangerous situation. I quickly called her and told her she needed to leave the place she just entered. She was reassured because she felt in her gut that something was off.


When it comes to health I get shown a labeled anatomy chart of the body. From this chart I am guided to explain challenges someone is experiencing with their health. I can also see which foods and supplements will support, strengthen and heal your human body. I was in the kitchen with my parents when my dad asked about his health. I walked up to his vitamin cabinet (he is a supplement junkie!), opened it and saw red X’s for NO and the colour green for YES. Even though most of his vitamins were not labelled because they were in a tray container, I knew what they were, why he should or should not take them. I could also tell him additional information that would be a support for him such as the sauna was good but some of the therapy he was doing was not.


People tend to ask me for advice all the time on relationships, health, career, finances and personal direction. Spirit always has the most entertaining way of answering other people’s questions. My guides have quite the personality. They are super funny and make me laugh out loud with jokes. I have one guide named Mark, he shows up when I go to the gym. He shows me the correct way to work out and pushes me. It’s cool because I do not have to hire a personal trainer. I learn all my workouts from him.


Every time I leave my house, I always have my whole team with me. Sometimes people get in and say they feel anxious or tightness in their chest. This is simply from so much spirit guides and protectors in my car. When I go on long road trips to visit my boyfriend, it is very interesting to see how many spirits and angels hang around other people’s cars, or just linger on the side of the road. Road trips are always the best because I am never alone, and I tend to meet new people on the other side and have conversations with them.


It was hard to get used to seeing a preview into peoples life. It was very odd and even uncomfortable for me. For this reason my mom thought it would be a good idea to strike up a conversation with a cashier at Homesense. She said it was taking too long for a price check and she was bored and wanted some entertainment. That’s my mom for you. She blurted out I was a psychic and then asked if I could share a little something with him. Once he gave permission I asked him if he lost his dog recently.  He got very emotional. I told him I knew how special he was to him.  I shared the personality and appearance of his dog and how happy he was on the other side.  I also validated some special times he had with his dog. This moment impacted my life that day. To be able to bring someone peace was very humbling.



I am not one to go out of my way to talk to people. I like to respect spirit space along with respecting other people’s belief system. I know when someone is open or not, and I respect that. Spirit always lets me know what is priority and what needs to be shared for the highest good. It is also important that people in my life treat me with respect too. Knowing someone with this ability can be intriguing but I am human and there is so much more to me than this. I am grateful and incredibly humbled with each experience and every new person I get to meet. Super thankful for all the support on the other side, along with my guide who is always teaching me new things and keeping me safe.

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