Our world is full of different energies. Different people doing different things with their life. Notice these words “their live’s”. You are not someone else’s life. We are all on our own life journey, learning new things, making mistakes, and growing.

We are not to compare ourselves with others.  The hardest thing is loving what is and what is not. We should act more like this, look more like that, be this not that. We are constantly analysing, comparing, and seeing what is missing and wrong. Ultimately, we are just seeking approval and acceptance, so we can be loved. At the end of the day are you really happy? Ask yourself that question. There is so much going on in our world, around us and within ourselves. It is so important that we put our own happiness first.

Learning to accept yourself for who you are. Accept the life you are given, the path you were chosen to walk. Wake up every day and embrace who you are. Dress how you please, talk and act how you please. Do not be afraid to express yourself. At the end of the day we all have the fear of not fitting in, or not being good enough. We are all looking for acceptance from others when the only acceptance we should be seeking is our own.

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