Sometimes what you want to hear isn’t what you need to hear.

Sometimes what you want to hear isn’t what you need to hear.

Sometimes what you want to hear isn’t what you need to hear.  Those things you don’t want to acknowledge because they are “uncomfortable”, those are the things you want to at least question and ponder on.


No one likes to be uncomfortable but sometimes in order to grow and make progress in our life we have to go there.  We have to have courage and tackle those things we don’t want to acknowledge because they don’t disappear on their own.  You know those things I am talking about, the trauma from your past, the hurt, that moment you made a decision that love hurts and therefore relationships are not for you!  Everything is recorded, and noted in the spirit world.  Our triumph, our pains, our fears and our joys.  All of it. You may find this unsettling or you may find this enlightening. Ask yourself why are you here?  What is the purpose of all this life thing? You signed up to learn and grow, not hide, sit on the sidelines and watch the game. No, you are participant of the game and the journey.


You have choice. The biggest gift you can give yourself is be honest and see where you can grow and do better. It might mean you need to focus more on gratitude and not what is missing in your life because it is making you miserable.  Sometimes it isn’t easy hearing you are creating your own suffering. Sometimes it isn’t easy to hear you are blaming people, circumstances, economy or your past, and the blame game is choking you and causing suffering. We all have a special spirit guide, they are kind, loving and compassionate, they are dedicated to you and your growth. They have full access to our path, our records, and all our life details. A good friend, a parent, a guide tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. Sometimes trauma is cleared for you and sometimes you are guided to do it yourself.  Sometimes you get direction to sell your house in January, and sometimes you get relationship guidance, and sometimes you don’t because other things are more pressing and priority.


A perfect life doesn’t just show up on a golden platter for you, it is something you create by showing up and having the courage to breakthrough your old limitations and behaviours. To decide you are here to grow in love and kindness for yourself and others, to appreciate this life, respect this world, and to forgive because that is freedom. That house you need to sell isn’t nearly as important as the soul you take with you when this life is over. Your kindness or lack of kindness will be something that carries over with you.  Your soul imprint and the imprint you made with other souls, that’s where our focus should go.


It is old school mentality to think you are alone in life.  You are most definitely not, ever. We have been conditioned to think materially and physically but in fact everything is energy.  Over 99% of the world is energy and  0.0000000000000000000042 is physical matter.  Take that in for a moment.

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