Spirit animal

Spirit animal

You may have heard the term spirit animal before. We all have an animal in which represents our soul. Animals are very smart intuitive creatures.  They are the delivery service to the spirit world.  On earth we receive messages from others in the mail. Animals are like the mail service.


When we are at a cross road within our lives, pay attention to the signs. Pay attention to not only how you feel, but the world around you. Bears are very significant to my life, the meaning behind a bear is courage. The first time I ever saw a bear was when I first felt like I was different and seeing spirit. I was afraid to speak up and say how I felt or speak about what I was seeing. In the moment of debating back and forth with myself, I looked up, and outside of the window was a bear. The bear was super close to the house and did not move. It just stood their staring at me, then walked away slowly. The bear showed up to give me the push I needed. Usually when I need courage I will see a bear picture in a store, the word bear, or clothing with bears on it. This is spirit communicating with me.


Your animal does not have to be a bear. All animals are here to deliver messages, even birds have a message and a story to tell. Pay attention to the animals who are drawn to you, the ones you see a lot. Notice how you feel when you see the animal. Do you think of a person? Do you feel an emotion like peace, joy, love? Embrace the gift and thank the animal for choosing you.

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