Spiritual Fight

Spiritual Fight

In the shadows is where I got my strength, courage and faith. In the darkness is where the lessons are but most people give up and give in.  They give in to the chaos of the mind.  They give in to the dark story and dark thoughts.  We are not our thoughts.  You head deeper into the shadow when you give into them.  This is a spiritual fight not a physical one.  You do need to stand guard and be a warrior for your mind, no one else can do it for you.

No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, there is always a way out.  Every tunnel has an exit.  You head the wrong way in the tunnel when you feed the frustration, feed the anger, feed the depression. You head into the light when you feed the grace, feed the patience and feed forgiveness.

Mindfulness.  We don’t need to meditate in order to achieve mindfulness. I create mindfulness “pitstops”.  Random moments noticing grace no matter where or what you doing.  Appreciating the old couple crossing the street holding hands. Noticing the joyful enthusiasm of a child playing at a park.  Noticing the interesting pattern of color in a rock. Noticing a twinkle in someones eye as they share a fond story with you.  Noticing the rhythm of a city or the stillness of a field.  Noticing the pain in a strangers face.  Take a few moments today to have a mindful pitstop.  We have so many senses to understand our world and people but our senses are asleep.

I look forward to getting up in the morning and head to work because I get to work with children. I learn so much from them, even though I am the teacher and the leader.  They inspire me to be raw and real.  They inspire me to be less serious and more silly. They are like shiny pennies.  Nothing has dulled their sparkle yet.  They don’t question their worth.  The rules of society haven’t blemished their souls.  They are pure, innocent and spontaneous. When they hug you there is no hesitation.  When they cry there is no hesitation.  When they smile it radiates all the way through me, because it is so real.  We could all benefit from being more childlike.

It is important to pray with positive intention and strong belief. Every thought and action is heard and known in heaven. Angels are overjoyed to help us, but we must ask for it.  Sometimes spirit animals are around us so they can share a virtue or character with us in a time of need.  For example I had a bear give me courage and bravery when I was fearful and hesitant to share my visions with others.  Sometimes it is a very powerful archangel who is there for protection or even healing.  Sometimes it is your ancestor who is guiding you with important decisions.  Sometimes it is an angel offering comfort.  We each have a special spirit guide who is with us through this whole lifetime and they know our life path, lessons, and missions. These assigned guides help us out tremendously. Some extra spirit guides just come for a short time and offer guidance until the lesson is accomplished and then they move on.  They may be experts in certain fields we are studying in, or child guides to bring out our playfulness, and even guides to help us in relationships. As a clairvoyant I can tell you I see spirit and angels everywhere.  Your never alone.

Those spiritual winters can be cold and harsh.  I send healing and support to all those in a winter season.  I send encouragement that winters don’t last forever and spring will come.  May you have the strength to fight on. Shield yourself in warm prayers.

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