The gift of Mental illness

The gift of Mental illness

There is such a negative stigma around mental illness. I used to be ashamed of it.  I wanted to hide from it.  Now I thank the struggle.  Without it I would never have unlocked my true potential.  If I had taken the drugs I was prescribed it would have prolonged my breakthrough.


Sometimes taking medication for mental health is not a healthy way. I agree that sometimes it is necessary but it is way overused. It should be the last thing we try, not the first and only thing. There are many side effects. Think of all the people you know who are taking anti depressing and are still depressed. Medication is a way for us to block, supress and numb our minds and bodies.  I know it is painful and I know we want to escape it.  We have to fully embrace it and move through it.  There is a way.  I am a testimony to that and I am here to help you.


Mental illness doesn’t have to be a curse.  We can find the gift in it. We all have different minds.  We process things differently.  Not wrongly, just differently. If you have been labelled with a mental illness, you are GIFTED.  I am not kidding! Your senses are more tuned so you will find some things in the world abrasive.  Your nervous system will be triggered more often. You have a strong sensory acuity.  All this is a gift even though it makes you feel crazy. You are a brilliant and sensitive soul.  You are important, the world needs more people like you.


Sometimes anxiety or depression is trying to nudge us to heal something.  We don’t want to bury our feelings and numb ourselves with drugs.  We want to go on a self-discovery, ask your soul what it needs to heal.  Never stop learning and growing through it.  Be strong, be brave, be curious, be relentless, be forgiving, and be kind to yourself.  Maybe, you are labelled with ADHD.  Congratulations you have a very special brain and a talent of focusing on multiple things at once.  You have all channels turned on and your downloading wisdom at a high rate.  Your teacher may not see it this way! This can really come in handy if you are detective or special agent.  You need your focus darting everywhere all at once, you need to be picking up on clues, and things that may seem out of place and you need to be fast at it. How about an ADHD artist?  Have you ever looked at an interesting piece of art and wondered how they were able to create it with such detail, precision, layers, textures and make it come alive without a pause in their stroke? Autistic kids often have genius capabilities in mathematics.


The following influential and famous people had mental illnesses; Isaac Newton, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Vincent Van Gogh (famous painter/artist), and the list goes on and on. Famous book writers, music composers, inventionists, nobel prize winners,  all who possessed brilliant minds and had brilliant success despite their challenges with Mental Health. These brave souls have made such an impact on the world ! I don’t care what labels society has for you but I do care what label you have for yourself.  You are not less than, you are not disabled, you are not broken, you are not lost.  What you may call your flaw is your strength. You are uniquely you, and your creator does not make mistakes. We all have a place in the world and a gift to share.

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