The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Is your EMOTIONAL HOME a Palace or a Dungeon?

The thoughts you think have an energy.  The quality of that energy will highly determine what you attract.  High quality thoughts and emotions will create quality experiences and low-quality thoughts and emotions will create low quality experiences.  So where do you rate your emotional home? The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your emotions.  It is that simple. If you are experiencing depression, then your life is depressing. Sometimes it is just a matter of recognizing the patterns of your thought and turning negative into positive.    If you always notice what is wrong then you will attract what is wrong.  Where ever your energy goes it grows.  Feed the flowers not the weeds.

Do you find yourself attracting the wrong kind of people? The person who has the qualities that you don’t want.  Do you jump from one bad relationship to another? Are you in an emotional turmoil of depression and sadness? Are you consumed with beliefs that relationships are painful, they are too much work, they always fail, and thoughts of mistrust, lack of freedom and insecurities. You are sad and depressed and therefore like attracts like, so you are attracting sad and depressed people, with similar thought patterns and you are wondering why relationships don’t work out. There is a law of attraction.  Therefore, get clear of what you want, what you don’t want, and most importantly; who you have to become to attract that person and that kind of relationship in your life. Create the ultimate person you need to show up as and embody those characteristics, values, morals, virtues, energy, and beliefs.  Let go of old and outdated beliefs. Look the part, talk the part and walk the part.  When you show up differently, you will attract differently.  Before you know it that special person will come your way.

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