Waking Up

Waking Up

We are constantly taking in information and processing it. We talk about our 5 senses but in reality scientist say we have anywhere between 22 and 33 senses. We understand the integral connection of communication between the Gut and Brain and it is why we have “gut-wrenching feelings” and “gut instinct”.  We also call our Pituitary gland the “seat of the mind” or “the home of our intuition” and “third eye”. Human beings are born and pre-wired with psychic abilities.  We are spiritual beings who naturally have spiritual connections to a higher dimension and source.


First thing in the morning, before we are bombarded with other sensory input we are closer to our sub-conscious state, therefore it is easier for sprit to come close to us. Have you ever had a hard decision or choice to make? Before you went to bed, did you think of that choice or decision, and wake up with an answer. This is our spirit friends coming close to us to help us. Throughout history inventors such as Einstein claimed to channel answers through meditation.  He would hold a ball in his hand and relax in a chair, once he reached a state of compete relaxation the ball would drop, wake him up and he would have his answers. There are teachers, saints, guides and ancestors that are available for us to learn from.  We only need to sit with our higher self, and have a pure intention or prayer.  As long as our intentions are positive and our hearts our congruent the divine universe will support us.


I suggest setting your intentions first thing when you wake up. I have been doing this for several years and it is extremely powerful and rewarding. This way the spirit world will hear you and put in their efforts to help you.  There are many ways you can do this. You can write in a journal how your day will go and how you will feel, as well as how you will make others feel. Visualize your day. Go through each step of where you will be and what you are doing. You can speak out loud and say a word or a short sentence about how your day will be.  “I AM” statements are powerful.  I am courage.  I am healing.  I am compassion.  I am magnetic. I am joy. I am blessed.  I am grateful.


I love waking up and writing how my day will go, then speaking out loud to my spirit friends. Today I said, “I am love, I will make everyone who crosses my path feel my love. Whether it be a hug, a smile, or saying the words I love you or giving a compliment”


Starting our day in the best state of mind sets us up for the whole day.

Stay positive for you are loved.

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