What to expect when you pass

What to expect when you pass

This is a beautiful process. I know a lot of you are afraid about this life phase. Death is a natural process. It is painless you do not feel any pain only love.


Our natural state of being is love. We are love and we come from love.When leaving earth we return to love.


We are always greeted by people we know. This can be family members, friends and loved ones from past lives.


When we leave our bodies, we will feel one or all of the following symptoms: You may see bright white light, you may feel as though you are moving backwards and a vacuum shooting upwards, you may feel a hand reaching and holding yours, you may hear a voice or it may feel as you are dreaming.


Passing is a very painless process. There is no such thing as death only leaving one dimension to go to the next. Even when we leave this earth we have the ability to come to earth to visit our loved ones.

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