Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey

I was never big into yoga. As of recently I have grown to really love it.  My yoga experience is a very different experience. I have an ancient yogi master from the other side who comes to me and shows me what to do.


His name is Mahavatar Babaji. When I am ready to start my practice, I am taken to a very spiritual place. I can see other people in the physical world who are also there. They appear as an energy frequency. It is against the rules to see others who are in the temple.


He goes through breath work and clearing my consciousness. Then we move onto the movements. I follow everything he does. This is not like normal yoga practice. It is all about connecting to your consciousness and the earth vibration. We focus on how my thoughts and actions create the waves of energy in which forms our life. I become more aware of my surroundings and how connected I am to living things, other beings, and the power around me. We are all connected.


Mahavatar Babaji does not connect to anyone. He is a very old loving soul. A lot of people view him as being one with God. He is known to bring deep love, acceptance, forgiveness, insights and direction.  His temple is hidden in the Himalayas mountain, this temple only appears to those that he wants to connect to. I am blessed and lucky to have him on my side. Learning from him has been a true blessing. He has so many years of wisdom and knowledge.

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