You are the artist behind designing your life

You are the artist behind designing your life

When channeling spirit they use my life experiences and access my memories.  In order for me to better understand and relate back information.  It took me a while to nail down all the symbols and discern what everything meant. This is why I also have the craziest things happen to me. I used to think “what the hell”. But I now realize everything I experience is to better my connection with spirit.  I needed to go through some interesting experiences to fully understand and respect the other side.


Before, I truly became a spiritual healer and channeler I had my fair share of health issues.  All the anxiety and stress I had put myself through really took a toll on my health. Not to mention, heavy metal poisoning and high levels of toxins including pesticides.  My liver was tapped out.  I was in full detox and it was ugly.  My symptoms were horrible headaches and swollen sinus, not able to focus, eye infections, throat infections, fatigue, and eczema rashes and so on. Unfortunately, it is hard to escape the dangers of our polluted food, water and air. This is why it is important not to burden the body emotionally, because it depletes our life force and leaves us more vulnerable to sicknesses. The reason I share this, is because spirit uses my past suffering to help me understand what my clients are going through.  They have me experience physically what is happening to them, as they flash me visuals and knowledge around it.


Which brings me to this insight. All the imprints of our experiences, thoughts, and emotions are recorded. Think about that for a moment. We think it is all private, but it is really isn’t. Also, there is deeper reasons and meanings behind every experience, big, small, painful or joyful. We are partners with a higher source when it comes to manifestations of our reality. My message is to live mindfully this New Year. Mindfully create your destiny and choose thoughts, actions and behaviors that will empower your future. We are the artists in our life, pick up your colorful pens and dream and vision your ultimate life and how you will show up to make it all come true. Don’t get snagged by those painful moments, they are only moments unless you dwell there.  Have faith there is a lesson there and get curious and ponder what that lesson may be teaching you.  Have faith that life is guiding you and teaching you what you came here to grow and learn on. When you learn the lesson, you level up and you don’t have to repeat it. Life is a beautiful process that is meant to be enjoyed so embrace the good, bad, and the ugly.  See it as the blessing and gift that it really is.

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