Let’s talk about mental health

Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health is a tricky topic but here me out. No one and I mean no one should ever make you feel unworthy or like you don’t belong here on earth. 

Coming from spirit; those who have mental health are unique, and special souls. 

You were chosen to have many hardships and many life lessons. But remember; you were chosen because your soul can handle it. You are strong, and will develop wisdom from this experience. As my Guide always tells me “Just keep going”.

Personally, I have always told myself “I hate having feelings and being so emotional”. I would feel guilty for crying and expressing my emotions. Self-expression is important as a human being. We need to be able to express ourselves and have outlets. Whether it be makeup, clothes, art, music, journaling, dance, etc. We need to release our emotions and not suppress them. Sounds super simple doesn’t it? We all get so caught up within our busy lives we forget to express ourselves. We forget about the simplest of things like what makes us happy! We forget to take time out of our day to do the things that make us happy. Then we complain or feel down. HELLO!! I wonder why you’re draining all your energy and not replacing it. Making too many withdraws and no deposits.

Do not let your mental health define you or cause you to analyze yourself more than you already do. I personally have been diagnosed with a few different things such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. And most recently OCD, ADHD, and a personality disorder. What I have to say is screw the labels. Hearing this news caused me to analyse myself and think, am I crazy? Is there something wrong with me? Do I need professional help? 

Then my guide chimes in “HELLO you are downloading different information, channeling different souls with different personalities. Of course, you’re going to have these earth labels. 

I laughed at this as it is true. I have a hard time focusing because I am reviving downloads, and it can be hard to stay focused in the present. As does anyone with ADHD, all this means is you are picking up different feelings, emotions and energies. Anxiety is your body picking up a form of energy entering your aura. So, you begin to feel this sense of pain in your chest, butterflies in your stomach. Spirit vibrates on a higher frequency meaning when they come close to you. Your human body knows what is going on. Depression is another earth label letting you know you’re forgetting about yourself. You’re forgetting to do things for YOU not other people. You may also find yourself feeling drained or tired. PTSD is your body trying to protect you. You are afraid of the present moment and tend to live in the past. This is your body’s way of telling you to learn the lesson of love and forgiveness. Once you let go accept what has happened, allow love and forgiveness in. Your body begins to heal. OCD, man this is a great one! It allows the body to fully ground by sticking to a routine. Notice that the stress which comes from uncertainty, can trigger OCD. Remember this is your body’s natural way to ground yourself and feel secure. 

These are all downloads from my own team of guides and angels, and my own experiences. I am in no form a doctor or health profession. 

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